12 New Features of 2016 Toyota Prius

Sept. 9, 2015, 2:43 p.m.

Toyota "leaked" its new 2016 Prius earlier than was expected - during the demonstration in Las Vegas. Nevada. For now the mass media got an access to exclusive photos of the new model as well as some new details about its major features.

1. New Prius model still will spare tons of CO2 emissions and save gallons of gasoline being the fourth generation of hybrid in the series.
2. The system of Prius hybrid will be more compact and lighter.
3. The car was increased in width by six-tenths of an inch and in length by 2.4 inches.
4. New Prius can boast a twin-wishbone rear suspension.
5. A brand-new drive train - there is a 4-cylinder ICE featuring a thermal-efficiency score higher than 40%.
6. The 2016 Prius uses a brand new platform Toyota's New Global Architecture.
7. New Prius will be at least 10 % more efficient than current Prius models i.e. 50 miles per gallon.
Among other non-so-clear features of the new 2016 Toyota Prius are a new eco-system, new 7 exterior colors, more LED headlamps, improved safety and it will be on sale very soon - early in 2016.