The Upcoming Opel Astra Will Become a Buick

Sept. 29, 2015, 11:46 a.m.

Opel claims that the future Astra series will have top-notch features that are more suitable for the upper class models. The Opel Astra will look great as Buick and will be launched in the U.S. market next year.

Upon its debut the Astra's customers will get two variants of the body - a 5-door hatchback and a 5-door station wagon. Later we should expect for the 4-door sedan and a coupe versions that will appear exclusively in the U.S. market with an angular waterfall grille and a tri-shield badge. New Opel Astra will be a great rival to the upcoming Volt and Chevy Cruze.

The basic specs of the Opel Astra will also include the lane-keeping assist, a crash-mitigation system, a traffic-sign recognition and automatic braking system. The power seats will have cooling and heating options as well as the massage option and the extra support of active side bolsters. Forget about the multiple buttons that were hated in the previous models of Opel Astra - many functions will be fully operated with the help of touch screen. The OnStar system will be re-launched.