Details about New Honda NSX Supercar

Sept. 30, 2015, 12:11 p.m.

The brand new 550bhp Honda NSX hybrid supercar was revealed during this year's Detroit Motor Show. The new generation of NSX by Honda was presented as 4-wheel twin-turbo hybrid drivetrain with 3 electric motors and mid-mounted petrol V6 that allows producing more than 550 bhp.

The striking profile of NSX looks like a cross between McLaren 650S and Audi8. The new model will have the low roofline, dazzling LED headlights, sharp bumper's blades and aggressive look of gaping side vents. This is not a conservative design that we could expected from Honda. The slim space-frame design was constructed of aluminum, ultra high-strength steel and even a carbon fibre.

The sales of new Honda NXS supercar will start with the base price tag of $150,000 (about PS100,000 in the UK) in the US. The first deliveries are expected in spring of 2016.