The Older ‘Sibling” for Citroen Cactus

Oct. 2, 2015, 1:20 p.m.

Not so long ago Citroen introduced to the world its new "brainchild" - the crossover Citroen Cactus. At the same time, the French car manufacturers decided not to relax and are already preparing the new model, which will take place on the stage higher in the hierarchy than the previously announced Cactus.

The new Citroen crossover will be created according to the image of the concept Aircross, which debuted in April at the Shanghai Auto Show. Continuous modification receives the similar design and approximate overall features of interior and exterior. The concept, in particular, is 4580 mm in length, 423 mm which is outperforming Citroen Cactus.

Famous lining Airbumps, which became the main feature of the crossover series of Citroen Cactus evolved into the special protection panels titled as Alloy Bumps - a special capsule with aluminum mesh structure, covered with a hard rubber called upon all sides to protect the body from strokes at low speeds.

Regarding the equipment of the future crossover can only guess. Concept Citroen Aircross, at the time, introduced to the public with a hybrid setup consisting of a 1.6L turbo engine that develops 218 horsepower and 95-horsepower electric motor. The total return was equal to the installation of 313 horsepower. The electric range was 50 kilometers and the total reserve replacement batteries from a household with an electrical outlet and takes just 3.5 hours.