Hello, dear Visitor, I’m glad you’ve looked into our website. My name is Mark Laurence, I’m an automotive journalist based in New-York, USA. We – I and my colleagues from Canada, France, and China – have been working on this wonderful website about cars and we hope that you like it a lot.

Although we live in different countries, we are united by our passion for cars. I fell in love with driving many years ago and since then have always treated cars like works of art, not just means of getting from A to B. A comforting drive in a convertible on a sunny day, roof down … what can be better? You feel the throttle response, engine revving in its full-bore baritone, wind playing with your hair, and deep in you heart, this love of cars blossoms and fills you with happiness.

Given the amount of cars produced these days, it is our noble task to pick up and recommend the best ones for you. Hope our advice will help you discover your little gem of a car to fall in love with.

Mark Laurence

Hello, our dear readers! I’m Aidan Caron, car journalist and review writer from Ottawa, Canada. I and my friends from abroad (USA, France, and China) are glad to welcome you on our website. We are the team of four car writers who decided to accumulate our efforts and dedicate our time to the most exciting thing – driving.

Since the dawn of automotive experience cars have been the most intriguing and involving machines. Nowadays, pure driving experience is often hindered by various control systems and complicated driving assists. The need to compromise safety and driver’s involvement makes some modern cars dull and boring to drive, but superb in economy. And choice of the right
vehicle may sometimes be a painful headache.

We are here to help you find out more about cars and which ones are the best to drive and to behold. Sometimes a piece of valuable advice can help you pay less for a better car or decide which one is definitely yours. We hope that this website will become a handy car guide for you.

Aidan Caron

Hello, dear readers! My name is Chung Lau, I live in Beijing, China, and my work is to write about cars and vehicles. There are many car manufacturers in China, however only few of them became famous worldwide. However, Chinese (Asian) point of view might be interesting when discussing some models.

Me and three my colleagues (from Canada, the USA and France) decided to make this website to give the best possible information about various cars and vehicles. People buying a car may face some dilemmas which concern safety, price, driving experience. Our task is to give as much good advice as possible to make sure that you buy a really good vehicle.

Being a car journalist, I love to write about interesting and fascinating cars. There are some models which impress you by their performance and speed, but others can win your heart by their economy and good everyday practicality. Sometimes it is hard to choose between two or three models, but we hope that we can help you to make a right decision.

Chung Lau

Bonjour, dear visitors! My name is Jean-Michele Ricaud, I live in Paris, France, and work as car journalist. I will represent European point of view in our small team of four writers. Car experience and tastes differ in America, Europe and Asia, so we decided to represent all of them to give you the most unbiased opinions.

France is famous for cars like Citroën, Renault and Peugeot, and these car makers can offer a lot to choose from. But our goal is to give helpful advice and valuable information.

I always try to do my best when I write car reviews here in France – note pros and cons and then make the verdict. Some vehicles are cheap and bad to drive, but there are many people who will own them – due to practicality. Other cars may be expensive and cheerful. But anyway, opinions differ and that’s the reason why we decided to bring experience of us four to have the best result in writing for you.

Hope our website will bring a lot of interesting and needful information for you, dear visitors!

Jean Ricaud